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JUNE 21-25 2023


Where is it?

The Riverboat Jazz Festival is held in the heart of Silkeborg. The entire festival is settled around the inner city, the harbor area and Gudenåen. You counted in places, cafes, churches, restaurants, bars, venues and boats.

When is it?

The Riverboat Jazz Festival is ALWAYS the weekend with the last saturdaay of June. The festival starts quietly on Wednesday evening and ends with a jam session in the harbor tent on Sunday afternoon.

Where to stay?

There are plenty of possibilities for accommodation in Silkeborg at all levels. Here are everything from hotels, over youth hostels and B & B to beautifully situated campsites. See links to accommodations here or contact VisitSilkeborg at +45 8682 1911 -

How to get around?

There are city buses from all corners of Silkeborg to the city center. Once you have arrived in the city center, all the concerts are within walking distance. Roads, tents and pedestrian streets are accessible for pedestrians and wheelchairs.

Where to park?

Parking at and at the festival venues is not allowed. We refer to the other car parks at Søvej, Bios Gård, Papirfabrikken, Kvickly, City Motion, Jyske Bank, the Library, the Railway Station and Føtex.

Pay attention to signage, as tax will be paid on most places in the city center.

Where to find information during the festival?

Opposite the harbor area you will find our information car / tent. Here you can get help and answers from our skilled volunteers. They are throughout the festival area and carry the word 'CREW' on the back of their black t-shirts. Ask them finally. They'd rather than help.

Can I pay with credit card?

Yes! In our tents you can easily pay by credit card.

Where to find ATM's?

In the city center there are several banks with ATMs and in our information car / tent at Havnen you can raise money during the opening hours of the festival.

May I bring my own beverages to the festival?

We will be disappointed and sad if you do. There are dollars in the cashier paying the jazz! The Riverboat Jazz Festival has free entrance to almost all concerts, and it's the money you buy for the drinks that pay the music. In our time, it's something special to go to the festival for the money a mug of beer costs. We are not like the others, and we hope you will help it to remain.

Where to buy food during the festival?

The center is packed with eateries and many have special festival offers. In addition, food booths have been established in cooperation with Riverboat at our pitches.

Am I allowed to set up a sales shop during the festival?

Sales stalls can only be created after approval of the festival - other trade is rejected. The Riverboat Jazz Festival is free of all alternative trade.

If you would like to sell something and feel like having a product suitable for sale on Riverboat, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How about night transport?

There is bus service on selected city bus routes up to approx. 5:00. Night bus plan can be found in the information caravan / tent at the port tent or on the Midttrafik website.

Where do I find the toilets?

There are toilets at the two big tents.

Who to call if…?

Riverboat sekretariat og Infovogn (under festivalen): 86 80 16 17
Taxi: 86 80 60 60
Vagtlæge: 70 11 31 31
Akutklinik Silkeborg: 87 13 50 50 (Ring her for at melde din ankomst på Silkeborg Hospital)
Politi: 114
Alarm: 112