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June 26-30 2024

Where is the Riverboat Jazz Festival held?

The Riverboat Jazz Festival is held in the heart of Silkeborg. The entire festival takes place around the inner city, in the harbor area and on Gudenåen. In tents, in squares, cafes, churches, restaurants, bars, venues and boats.

When does the Riverboat Jazz Festival take place?

The Riverboat Jazz Festival is always on the last weekend in June and follows the weekend when schools are on summer break. The festival starts quietly on Wednesday evening and ends with a jam session in the Harbor Tent on Sunday afternoon. In 2024, 2025 and 2026, the festival is in week 26

Where can you stay during the festival?

There are plenty of options for accommodation in Silkeborg at all levels. Here, you can find everything from hotels, hostels, and B&Bs to beautifully situated campsites. See links to accommodation here:

How do I get around the city during the festival?

City buses go from all corners of Silkeborg to the city centre. Once you have arrived in the city centre, all the concerts are within walking distance. Roads, tents, and pedestrian streets are accessible for people with walking difficulties and for wheelchairs.

Where can I park during the festival?

Parking on and near the festival sites is not permitted. We refer to the city's other parking lots at Iskælderdalen on Sejsvej, Søvej, Bios Gård, Bindslevs Plads, Papirfabrikken, the Library, Banegården, Føtex and under Torvet.

Pay attention to signage, as tolls must be paid on most spaces in the city centre.

Where can I find information during the festival?

Opposite Havneteltet you will find our information van. Here you can get help and answers from our skilled volunteers. They are also all over the festival grounds and wear the word 'CREW' on the back of their black t-shirts. They are more than happy to help.

Can credit cards and MobilePay be used in the tents?

Yes! In our tents and at our venues, you can easily pay with credit cards and MobilePay.

Where can I withdraw money during the festival?

In the city centre, there are several banks with ATMs.

Can I bring my own drinks to the festival area? 

We will be disappointed and upset if you do, as it is the money you pay for your drinks that pays for the jazz. The Riverboat Jazz Festival has free admission to virtually all concerts, and it is the money you buy drinks with that pays for the music. Nowadays, it is something special to be able to go to a festival for the money a mug of beer costs. We're not like the others, and we hope you'll help keep it that way.

Where do I buy food at the festival?

The city centre is full of eateries and many have special festival offers. In addition, there are food stalls set up in collaboration with Riverboat at our tent pitches - marked as Riverboat Food Stalls

Can I set up my stall at the festival?

Sales stalls can only be set up after approval by the festival - all other trade is rejected. The Riverboat Jazz Festival is free of all alternative commerce.

If you would like to sell something and think you have a product suitable for sale on Riverboat, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Where are there toilets at the festival?

There are toilet vans at the three large tents.

Public toilets with disabled access: In the JYSK Music Theatre, the car park in Mejerigården.

Who should I call if…?

Riverboat secretariat and Info van (during the festival): 51 82 16 17
Taxi: 86 80 60 60
Doctor on duty: 70 11 31 31
Emergency Room Silkeborg: 87 13 50 50 (Call here to report your arrival at Silkeborg Hospital)
Police: 114
Alarm: 112