JUNE 21-25 2023


Parking at and around the festival venues is not allowed. We refer to the other car parks at Torvecentret, Torvet, Iskælderdalen at Sejsvej, Søvej, Bios Gård, Estrups Gård, Papirfabrikken, Kvickly, City Motion, Jyske Bank, the railway station and Føtex. Please note that the inner city is a parking zone and parking is only allowed in the designated parking spots. Parking must be paid at most places in the city center, be aware of the signage. Please be aware, that the Parking houses and garages can be locked at night.

Riverboat Sekretariat

Papirfabrikken 72
DK-8600 Silkeborg

+45 5182 1617
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