The Riverboat Poster & The Riverboat Wine 2020

This year's poster costs dkr. 100 (possibly plus postage) and measures 50x70cm. Order it at

The Riverboat Poster 2020

One of the finest poster artists we have today.

In those words, former head of the Poster Museum in Aarhus and a member of the judging committee of Riverboat's poster competition, Peder Stougaard, described the man behind this year's winning poster.

The winner is Finn Hjernøe from Aarhus. He is one of the country's most experienced jazz poster artists, and he also won the Riverboat competition in 2017.

The first banjo

This is not the first time the jury has chosen a poster with the Riverboat Hjejlen as the motive. But this is the first time that a banjo is adorning the poster.

Riverboat coordinator Line-Marie Hougaard Dencker Simonsen told the crowd at a celebration held at Kedelhuset in January 2020, that this year only about half of the usual number of poster proposals were submitted. - But on the other hand, there were a lot of good suggestions that mixed in at the top.

But there was no doubt that this was the winning poster. The colors are crisp and the poster has a nice graphic appearance. - And then there's the banjo. In fact, I think many who see the poster will think it's a tribute to Kurt Heegaard, she said, referring to Riverboat's creator, the banjo player of the Bourbon Street Jazz Band, who died last year.

The Riverboat Wine

It was a close fight for first place. The winning wine got 38 votes, number two got 35 and the wine in place number three received a number of 17 votes. 

Kvickly took the victory. A dark and spicy wine from the California wine house Lodi. The winning wine is made from the zinfandel grape. In Italy, this grape is called primitivo, and it was precisely a wine based on that grape which came in second.