Covid-19 & Riverboat Jazz Festival

Riverboat Jazz Festival 2021 and Covid-19

The current world situation is making it hard to imagine that we can gather several thousand people for the festival next year. Riverboat Jazz Festival is not in danger of closing on the basis of Covid-19, as we have very understanding sponsors, members, musicians, volunteers and partners. The festival industry is affected in general and we know that several major festivals here in Denmark will take place in 2021 in an alternative format.

It is, of course, a reality that also exists for us and therefore we follow developments closely and carefully consider what the Riverboat Jazz Festival 2021 might look like. And although much is uncertain and difficult to plan by, we will do anything in our power to hold The Riverboat Jazz Festival to the extent possible at that time.

We know very well that we can, again, be hit by a ban on running festivals and we can of course not shake that. The most important thing still is to take the best possible care of each other. But if it turns out that we can safely run the festival in one form or another, then we are very ready to present a festival where all restrictions are met and we can still enjoy the music, togetherness and community.

Therefore, we would like to ask you to put X in the calendar for The Riverboat Jazz Festival 2021. The festival takes place 23rd - 27th. June 2021.